Why hello there, world. Thanks for visiting jodioleen.com.

A little about me: I love my family, my tiny humans, my dog, staying active, bacon, cattle, and horses. For the past eight years, I’ve canvassed the state and beyond cultivating relationships and communicating the importance of modern-day production agriculture and food systems to rural and urban communities.

I’ve built relationships and forged innovative programs/campaigns that were novel, measurable, and continue to flourish to date. I’ve proven that social media and influencers can work with any size organization, and that strategy can beat big budgets utilizing information and research.  All-in-all, I’ve done some pretty cool things over the last 10 years and I’d love the opportunity to do more cool things, specifically with you.

What can I offer you or your organization? Perspective. Fresh eyes. And a proven track record of understanding social and digital media. Want to visit more? Email me.