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Consulting Services, American Farm Bureau Federation
June 2018-Present

Provide social media management, content creation and strategic digital direction for America Farm Bureau Federation’s Facebook and Twitter platforms.

Program Management, Fundraising, and Digital Outreach, Kansas Pork Farmers
June 2008-Present
Established a wide variety of programs and consumer outreach platforms. Some of those include: pioneering Kansas Pork Farmer Virtual Farm Tours to over 2,000 students across the United States; shot, edited, and promoted Kansas #RealPigFarming video series; providing farm and industry tours for over 45 dietetic, chef, and blogger influencers in Kansas; establishing an engaged social community on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest of over 90,000; purchasing social ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter; and securing over $60,000 per year in financial support from other agriculture organizations to support programs and program growth.

Social Media Strategist and Ad Buying, Chef Alli
January 2015-Present
Severed as a digital strategist to help guide the Chef Alli brand on social media. My role also includes social ad buying.

Social Media Ad Buying, Ag Promo Source
January 2016- January 2018
Purchased social media ads on behalf of digital media clients and Ag Promo Source to help raise brand awareness.

Training Committee Member, AgChat Foundation
January 2011-January 2017
Serve on committee that plans and executes trainings throughout the country to empower farmers and ranchers to use online media to connect with the general public.

Social Media Team Lead, TRU Church
September 2015- January 2017
Oversee social media communities, manage online ad buys, and provide strategic digital direction.

Speaker, Co-Presenter, and Moderator at 2015 AgChat National Conference
AgChat Foundation, August 2016
Moderator for the main session panel “Farmers & Consumers: Finding Common Ground & Messages that Work.” Panel shared insight, research, and data showing how consumers are receiving and responding to the messaging offered by many in agriculture. It also provided tips for igniting successful, positive connections between farmers/ranchers and consumers. Panelist: Janice Person, Leah Beyer, Daren Williams, and Melissa Woolpert

Co-Presenter for main session “Check Your Ego and Talk to the Eaters.” The session presented ideas on creating content for non-ag food buyers, techniques for connecting online and offline, and provided insight on how to “get outside” the online agriculture community. Co-Speaker: Jennifer Osterholt

Co-Presenter for the breakout session “Learn the Value of Evaluating Yourself.” This breakout session presented available tools for evaluations, helped attendees understand their level of effectiveness online and covered the tools needed to advocate effectively online. Co-Speaker: John Blue

Speaker, 4th Annual EPA Regions 7/8 and State Departments of Agriculture Meeting
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, January 2014
Contacted to be the lunch time speaker to cover online communication and how it is changing the communications landscape for agriculture. In attendance were Sarah Bittleman, EPA Ag Counselor to the Administrator; Karl Brooks and Shaun McGrath, EPA Regional Administrators, Regions 7 and 8; Secretary of Agricultures or their assistants from KS, MO, NE, IA, MT, ND, SD, WY, UT, CO and a representative from nine Tribal Nations.

Co-Presenter, Kansas State University Veterinary Technical Conference
Kansas State University, March 2013
Co-Presenter for “Doctoring Your Online Presence.” A main session presentation to centered around providing timely information to customers and promoting local veterinary businesses. The conference served the KSU faculty and technicians to generate professional pride and interest in the veterinary technical profession. Co-Presenter: Kelly M. Rivard

Panelist, State of Now SmallTown
#140 Character Conference, November 2012
Shared the stage with three passionate agvocates to show life in agriculture today. The panel was titled “Looking into the Faceless Big Ag” and centered around how advocates for agriculture are using social media to share the story of food and farming. Panelists: Carrie Mess, Debbie Lyons-Blythe, Janice Person

Presenter, Kansas Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Leaders Conference
Kansas Farm Bureau, January 2011
Led advanced social media session to help young farmers and ranchers connect with consumers using online media.

Presenter, Kansas Department of Agriculture Social Media Training Session
Kansas Department of Agriculture, May 2010
Led general social media training session for Kansas Department of Agriculture staff members.

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