Let my experience work for you. 

Digital Strategy Consultations
The online world can seem daunting. So many places to be. So many things to do. Let me help you streamline your online efforts and reach your goals with the time you have available.

Digital Ad Buying
Keeping your brand, organization, or information in front of people online can be done organically or by investing in ads. Ad buys can increase traffic to your website, redirect online interest, or showcase your latest digital creative. Whether it’s Google Adwords, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, buying ads is an effective way to increase your online reach and performance.

Program or Event Management
Do you know how to bring all the pieces of your program or event together to get the most out of it? Let’s work together to define your goals, how you plan to measure your success, and most importantly, your reporting on that success. Then, hand me the reins. I’ll make sure your program or event performs.

Social Media Content Creation and Community Management
Community lives at the core of any great brand or organization. Building that community takes all the things building a relationship does – time, commitment, and consistency.  My experience building a social presence can help you make social content with an impact and build communities that last.

SquareSpace Website Design
Your brand needs an online home. SquareSpace websites are clean, mobile-friendly, professional, and simple to use or update. Most importantly, your website will be sure to wow anyone who visits.

Speaking Engagements
Are you looking to keep your stakeholders updated in today’s ever-changing communications environment? Let my experience help you deliver a presentation that is authentic, relatable, and sure to keep your crowd engaged. Contact me to find out more about topics.

Virtual Tours
The world of technology has opened up more possibility than we have ever imagined. Do you want to bring people closer to the things they need to know and then allow them to engage and ask questions in real-time? Virtual Tours allow your community to visit places they have only heard of and immerse themselves in a reality that may be hundreds of miles away. These Virtual Tours are perfect for farm tours, employee training, continuing education, and more.

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