I’ve enjoyed learning from and working with Jodi to continually improve online strategy and community development on behalf of bacon farmers! Jodi has truly been a front-runner in the social media and digital realm for agriculture. She has eagerly ventured into new digital frontiers and made a path where none existed. Jodi has worked tirelessly to engage and teach others both inside and outside of the pork community. I appreciate her understanding of the people that she represents and how efficiently she has always invested dollars.

Jodi was a pioneer in Twitter, then Facebook and continued to make solid plans for Pinterest and Instagram as new platforms are introduced. She is nimble and sees value in working with influencers who have built their own communities. Jodi can quickly create and implement digital plans and then optimize them as the project moves forward. It is without hesitation that I recommend working with Jodi Oleen on digital strategy, community development, and social media management.