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Marketing & Digital Strategist
Relationship & Brand Builder
Program Pioneer

We’ve all heard the same ol’ line – tell your story, communicate, and dare we say, educate. But what if there’s a better way? A way to actually connect.


There are few people in agriculture who have as clear an understanding of strategic program development than Jodi. She brings together the depth of knowledge about complex topics and issues with a passion for people and relationships that creates programs that succeed for the business while engaging stakeholders in a way that builds enthusiasm and long-term relationships.

I have seen this both at a distance and up close as Jodi worked to engage various consumers — chefs, dietitians, bloggers and more. Jodi seamlessly negotiated the concerns people bring to agriculture from the public and the needs of the farmers she represented and engaged in programming. And appreciate that she has also been able to look at the wins for others in modern agriculture too.

There is nobody I would trust more as a consultant on possible ways to begin doing outreach with influencers in the public sphere than Jodi.

Janice Person, Online Engagement Director

I’ve had the privilege to work with Jodi for a number of years on various projects and programs. Jodi has always helped me to see the bigger picture as we were working on a joint goal or talking through individual projects. She has this incredible ability to throw out a hundred different ideas to find the one that will make an impact.

Jodi isn’t afraid to implement new ideas and is incredibly nimble in adjusting till she accomplishes the task she set out. Likewise, she isn’t afraid to connect with anyone and has an incredible ability to build bridges in places they weren’t before. When it comes to someone who will build programs and relationships from the ground up, Jodi Oleen is someone you need on your team.

Jancey Hall, Program Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Jodi on a handful of amazing and creative projects. Together we were able to bring influencers to Kansas farms and ranches so they could learn how their food is grown. What started as a small idea has blossomed into five years of a twice-yearly caravan of national influencers who are eager to spend three days learning directly from Kansas farmers and ranchers.

She is never short on ideas, energy or enthusiasm, and she has the ability to take a difficult and/or confusing topic and parse it down to bits that are understandable for each and every person. She is highly motivated to do good work and can connect divergent groups and ideas for the betterment of all sides.

Meagan Cramer, Director of Marketing and Communications

I’ve enjoyed learning from and working with Jodi to continually improve online strategy and community development on behalf of bacon farmers! Jodi has truly been a front-runner in the social media and digital realm for agriculture. She has eagerly ventured into new digital frontiers and made a path where none existed. Jodi has worked tirelessly to engage and teach others both inside and outside of the pork community. I appreciate her understanding of the people that she represents and how efficiently she has always invested dollars.

Jodi was a pioneer in Twitter, then Facebook and continued to make solid plans for Pinterest and Instagram as new platforms are introduced. She is nimble and sees value in working with influencers who have built their own communities. Jodi can quickly create and implement digital plans and then optimize them as the project moves forward. It is without hesitation that I recommend working with Jodi Oleen on digital strategy, community development, and social media management.

Jennifer Osterholt, Strategic Marketing Consultant and Influencer